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 Product Code  IFS1L
 Comment Rich Foam Consistency - Extremely pleasant to use for frequent use in between hand washing, encourages hand hygiene compliance.
No Drips Or Splashes - Does not leave residues on floors and walls around areas of use. No slip risk on floors, no clean-up required and no wastage.
Hypoallergenic Formula - Extremely low potential for skin irritation giving very high user acceptability.
Glove Compatible - Ideal for use with all glove types, can be used prior to applying gloves.
High Efficacy Formula - Tested to EN1500, EN1275 and EN1276. Independently tested to the latest
European microbiological standards. Proven germ-killing action reduces populations by 99.999%.
InstantFOAM™ Formula - Quickly and easily rubs across the hands and into skin crevices and under finger nails.
Excellent After Feel - Contains moisturisers to help prevent skin dryness. Leaves skin feeling smooth and
Does Not Contain Any Gelling Agents - Leaves no sticky residues on the skin, encourages use and compliance.
Unperfumed - Reduces the potential for skin irritation. Suitable for use on sensitive skin.
Non-Tainting - Independently proven to be non-tainting, suitable for use in food handling areas.
Instant Germ Killing Action - Rapid activity against many common organisms in only 15 seconds. Can be used quickly and easily for convenience and encourage compliance.
Dispenser Action - Provides controlled dosage reduces potential for wastage and increases economy
in use.
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